In-House Manufacturing

We provide turnkey solutions for every product we have the privilege of designing. That means that if you come to us for solution we could also deliver and install everything. From the conceptual design our managers ensure the smooth production of our clients orders. Each project is closely watched by a dedicated manager who carefully sees the project through all the way to installation and sign off. Our electronic production programs, together with our CNC machines enable us to deliver our products on schedule every time.

SED Is housed in a purpose built facility in the Al Quos Industrial area in Dubai. Our plant is equipped to manufacture and supply custom engineering and fabrication in mild steel, G.I. aluminium and stainless steel alloys for the a wide range of industries and shop / hotel installations. In addition, we can provide both luxury wood veneers and composite panelling and etched coloured stained glass panels. Our factory is open for inspection at any time together with S.E.D’s quality control system. Please arrange a visit through our Management.


We believe that we are able to meet any specification for materials as any design can be accommodated from Custom Glass, Wood, Manufactured Composite Materials and Stainless Steel together with any ferrous finishes including Ti Bronze, Brass & Gold, which have become the Industry Standard World Wide and can be supplied in AISI 304 and 316 accordingly.

All steel products are purchased against Steel Mill Certificates which can be issued confirming the origin and grade of materials. Many of our products can be provided with 10 - 30 years of warranty. All materials received or manufactured are subject to our SED Raw Materials Inspection Procedure where every item is subjected to Individual Inspection.