Elevators / escalators

Have you ever entered an elevator that has an interior that is a true masterpiece? Chances are it was designed, constructed and installed by SED. We pride ourselves in our promise to deliver any specification or design element on any elevator. If you have an idea for an elevator, no matter how abstract, we are more than capable of delivering.

When you see a beautiful pattern on the interior of an elevator you have no idea of the amount of work that goes into it.

The process


We mirror polish sheets of stainless steel.


Then chemically etched to provide the beautiful patterns.


Colour is added & titanium is vaporised onto the stainless steel


Metal is then cut to size

Some Elevators & Escalators DESIGN work

We are so confident in our work, we offer an up to 30 year guarantee on materials and the process. Our quality control and attention to detail shine through every aspect of our work.